CME Group Micro E-mini Futures

Trade CME Group
Micro E-mini Futures.

These contracts are the next step in equities trading, providing the benefits of trading equity index futures for a fraction of the upfront financial commitment and with the active individual trader in mind.

Discover the benefits of trading Micro E-mini Futures:

Now at 1/10th the size of the CME’s classic E-mini products, the Micro E-mini Futures enable traders to more easily access the futures markets.

Take advantage of a slice of highly liquid equity index futures.

Greater flexibility in your trading strategies and risk management – go long or short. Fully fungible with classic E-mini contracts.

Trading began with four new Micro E-mini Futures contracts:


Micro E-mini S&P 500

Providing trade exposure to US large-cap stocks, with a leading indicator of the US stock market.


Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100

Providing trade exposure to the largest non-financial companies in the Nasdaq stock market.

To trade Micro E-mini Futures on TradeStation Global


Micro E-mini Russell 2000

Providing trade exposure to 2,000 US small-cap stocks, with the leading small-cap benchmark.


Micro E-mini Dow

Providing trade exposure to 30 blue-chip companies, a widely followed indicator of the US stock market.

Micro E-mini commission: $0.50 per contract
(excluding exchange/regulatory fees)