With TradeStation Global, and for the first time, traders can seamlessly apply the power of EasyLanguage® coding to Interactive Brokers’ worldwide market data and execution capabilities.

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Discover an intuitive coding language designed by traders for traders

Meet TradeStation’s full-featured programming language, designed to create powerful trading indicators, strategies and custom trading applications.


Unlimited Control

With thousands of built-in keywords, functions, and properties, traders can design and create virtually any market analysis, scanning, or order management tool.


By Traders, For Traders

EasyLanguage® is designed by traders, for traders, to describe trading ideas in plain English-like expressions using trading terms and phrases traders are already familiar with.


Custom Trading Indicators

By combining common trading terms with conditional rules and historical price data, EasyLanguage® makes it possible to create powerful custom indicators in a straightforward and intuitive manner.


Flexible Coding

The TradeStation Global platform is powered by EasyLanguage®; every built-in strategy and indicator is written in EasyLanguage® and the programming code for each of them is easily accessible to view and modify.

Tap into Third-party Resources

Easy Language + TradeStation Global + Interactive Brokers

In addition to the easily modifiable code, there are hundreds of additional EasyLanguage® strategies, indicators, and functions that are readily available from various third-party developers.

EasyLanguage® unleashes the power of the TradeStation Global platform by extending the ways you can view global real-time and historical market data, as well as account, position, and trade manager information.

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Translate your trading ideas into
analysis techniques and strategies

  • Indicators
  • ActivityBar Studies
  • ShowMe Studies
  • ProbabilityMap Studies
  • PaintBar Studies
  • Trading Strategies

TradeStation Global can store an unlimited number of these analysis techniques, and allows the easy import and export of EasyLanguage® studies from one computer to another.

Even those traders who don’t intend to write complex indicators or strategies using EasyLanguage® can benefit from a little EasyLanguage® knowledge.

Many indicators and strategies have input parameters that utilize simple EasyLanguage® statements.

EasyLanguage® makes it possible to modify alert and trading criteria or add additional calculations

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