Forex Trading

Trade the biggest market in the world with some of the brightest tools in the box.

Forex is the biggest market in the world by volume and liquidity. And with TradeStation Global you trade it with some of the most comprehensive capabilities behind you.

We’ve teamed multi-award-winning† TradeStation technology with Interactive Brokers’ global reach (Barron’s top online broker 2018). The result? You’ve a single account with powerful professional-grade (but fully customisable) tools designed to help you spot and seize opportunity, devise and test strategies – and trade over 100 currency pairs with confidence.

  • ACCESS: TradeStation Global gives you direct access to Interbank trading quotes and major trading currencies, cross-rates and forex pairs through one single account. Currencies? There’s no major one you can’t pair, and many minor ones you can.
  • CONTROL: Our single, multi-asset platform lets you manage your forex exposure all in one place – whether that’s all you’re trading or whether you’re trading alongside other asset classes, say as part of a diversified strategy or a portfolio.
  • CAPABILITY: TradeStation’s tools include RadarScreen™, a real-time scanning and ranking tool that allows you to apply technical and fundamental indicators to a list of symbols in a tabular format; Matrix™, a one-window market-depth, order entry and order-tracking tool; and EasyLanguage™: just the thing for the tech-savvy trader who wants to formulate, write and back-test their own strategies.

TradeStation Global: for Forex capability and reach, we think you won’t exchange it for any other platform.

† For more details on how awards and ratings are assigned in each category, please click here