Futures Trading

If you trade futures, leverage TradeStation Global

TradeStation Global brings the futures trader Interactive Brokers’ world-class execution and coverage of all major futures exchanges – with the benefits of renowned TradeStation technology at your fingertips.

The TradeStation platform gives you the ability to leverage a vast range of resources from a single screen and single account. You can trade futures as a single asset or integrated within a wider multi-asset portfolio hedging strategy. Key features of the platform for futures traders include:

  • CUSTOMISED CHARTING AND ANALYSIS: Using Radarscreen™ you can track and rank symbols in real time based on 180+ technical and fundamental indicators in combinations you can customise to suit your strategy. Want more history or less? You choose. Which indicators indicate for you? Lose the ones that don’t. We’ve won numerous awards for our technology, but the real prize is yours.
  • ONE-CLICK CONTROL: The Matrix™ is our order-entry screen that gives you market depth and trade activity, along with lightning fast execution and one-click trading capability.
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TOOLS: For the pro-level trader, EasyLanguage,™ TradeStation’s own programming language, enables you to formulate, write and back-test your strategies without complex coding knowledge.

Whatever your strategy, TradeStation Global gives you the account and the platform to trade futures your way. And we’re here to help show you how. Call or mail us at tradestationglobal@tradestation.com