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Open an

The TradeStation Global platform is available exclusively with a
TradeStation enabled Interactive Brokers account.

If you do not have an Interactive Broker account, you will need to apply for one using the new account application below.


Please proceed to open
a new TradeStation enabled
Interactive Brokers account

Create an account

If you already have an Interactive Brokers account that you wish to link to the TradeStation platform, please select the current Interactive Brokers option below.


Please proceed if you already have an
Interactive Brokers account and wish to link it
to the TradeStation platform

Enable my IB account

    For those choosing to open a new account, we require the following:

  1. Good or extensive product knowledge for any product you wish to trade.
  2. You must have executed at least 100 trades for any product type.
  3. A minimum equity deposit in cash or stock of USD 1,000.

If you are a current Interactive Brokers client:

Your account will remain with Interactive Brokers but your commissions will change to the ones listed in our pricing section and you will be emailed instructions to download and start trading on the TradeStation platform.