Precious Metals Trading

TradeStation Global specialised tools for specialised assets

Through your single Interactive Brokers account, with TradeStation Global you can access major world commodities exchanges and trade specialised assets such as precious metals. But you also have the benefits of best price execution with Interactive Brokers’ SmartRouting – and the full suite of TradeStation tools and analytics.

The TradeStation platform can be customised to provide the specialist market data and analytic tools to suit just about every asset class and trading style, all from a single account (and mostly from a single screen).

So with TradeStation Global you’re well equipped to trade commodities either as a single asset, or integrated within an overall multi-asset portfolio.

  • CUSTOMISED COMMODITIES ANALYSIS: Using RadarScreen™ plus global data from 180+ indicators through Interactive Brokers, you can set, track and rank symbols in real time and set alerts according to your own tailored criteria.
  • ONE-CLICK CONTROL: The Matrix™ is our order-entry screen that gives you comprehensive real time trading intelligence, along with lightning fast execution and one-click ordering.
  • SPECIALISED TOOLS FOR SPECIALIST TRADERS: For the pro-level trader keen to devise, build and test their own strategies, TradeStation’s proprietary EasyLanguage™ lets you program commands in close to plain English, without complex coding knowledge.

Open a TradeStation Global account to take advantage of the world of commodities with the benefit of TradeStation’s multi award-winning technology† – and remember we’re here with a service dedicated to helping you trade exactly your way. Call or mail us at

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