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Turn the world's major stock markets into a world of trading opportunity.

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Interactive Brokers + TradeStation Global

By combining the power of the TradeStation platform with the global reach of an Interactive Brokers account, TradeStation Global can give your stock trading an extra dimension.

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Find stock trading opportunities as they happen around the world in real time.

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The Matrix

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of trading tools offers an innovative visual display of worldwide stock markets and one-click trading capability.

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Translate your global stock trading ideas into analysis techniques and strategies.

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Simulated Trading

Now you can take advantage of Simulated / Paper Trading on TradeStation Global.

Power your stock trading with TradeStation’s renowned technology + Interactive Brokers’ global reach.

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IB Account

Your single IB account gives you direct market access to all the world's major stock markets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

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Worldclass Execution

You can trade small, medium or large cap stocks denominated in multiple currencies easily - all with the fast execution that made Interactive Brokers Barron's top online broker 2019.

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Technology Advantage

Your trading can take place on TWS or the TradeStation platform - "Best Platform Technology" winner seven years in a row. This combination of advanced trading technologies is exclusive to TradeStation Global clients.

Trade stocks in 125 markets with TradeStation Global’s sophisticated trading tools.

Opportunity with RadarScreen®

RadarScreen® enables you to scan and highlight stock and ETF trading opportunities in real-time. This proprietary tool continuously monitors US, UK, European and Asian markets, based on over 180 technical indicators, alerting you to trading signals as they occur around the world.

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Control with the Matrix

The Matrix offers you speed and efficiency with an innovative display combining the advantages of detailed worldwide stock market depth, precise order-tracking and highly advanced one click order entry all in a single window.

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Creativity with EasyLanguage®

EasyLanguage® is TradeStation’s own programming language, devised to make it easy for the technical trader to formulate, write and backtest their own equities trading strategies without complex coding knowledge.

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Precision and control with TradeStation Global’s Advanced Chart Trading

Take your stock trading to the next level with professional-grade charting that puts advanced analysis capabilities at your fingertips. Serious stocks traders and analysts choose TradeStation for its award*-winning charting tools, depth of features and flexibility.

TradeStation’s new Chart Trading feature allows stocks traders to intuitively place and edit orders directly on a chart in real time.

Unlike other chart-based trading tools on the market, TradeStation's Chart Trading feature is powered by EasyLanguage. This means that stocks traders can extend it to meet their own unique trading needs or use it as the basis for their own analysis techniques.

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Key advantages for Stocks traders with TradeStation Global

Trade stocks with our own unique suite of advanced order types and award*-winning trading platform.

Key platform tools for stocks traders include Advanced Chart Trading, Customised Analysis, One-Click Control and EasyLanguage Tools.

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Competitive Pricing

Our transparent pricing for stocks markets includes our low commission, plus exchange, regulatory and overnight position fees.

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US Stocks, ETFs, ETPs and Warrants
USD 0.007 per Share

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Fee per Trade Value 0.12%

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Fee per Trade Value 0.12%

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Power your trading with TradeStation's award* winning technology + an Interactive Brokers brokerage account providing global markets reach.

TradeStation Global Products

Discover our range of trading products

Stocks Trading >

Turn the world's major stock markets into a world of trading opportunity.

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Futures Trading >

If you trade Futures, leverage TradeStation Global.

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Micro E-mini Futures >

You can now trade CME Micro E-mini Futures on TradeStation Global.

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Forex Trading >

Trade the biggest market in the world with some of the brightest tools in the box.

Steps to get started

It's easy to start trading

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Open a New Account or request to link an existing Interactive Brokers account.

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Wait for your account approval and fund or link your account.

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Receive your TradeStation Global platform download instructions and configure your workspaces.

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