Stock Trading

Turn the world’s major stock markets into a world of trading opportunity.

By combining the power of the TradeStation platform with the global reach of an Interactive Brokers account, TradeStation Global can give your stock trading an extra dimension.

Your single IB account gives you direct market access to all the world’s major stockmarkets across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
You can trade small, medium or large cap stocks denominated in multiple currencies easily – all with the fast execution that’s made Interactive Brokers Barron’s top online broker 2018.
But it’s when combined with the TradeStation platform (‘Best Platform Technology’ winner†
for six years in a row) that exciting things can happen. TradeStation’s tools and analytics give you:

  • ACCURACY: RadarScreen™ means your trading ideas can be backtested with historic and with over 100s of indicators, thus you can cover indexes, sectors and company stocks in one easy spreadsheet. It’s detailed, focused and customisable: so you can zoom in on the relevant data and reduce your risk.
  • CONTROL: Trade on the Matrix™ and you get an innovative display of market depth and trade activity, along with lightning fast execution and one-click trading capability. It’s notable market feel as well as efficiency for the pro-level trader.
  • CREATIVITY: EasyLanguage™ is TradeStation’s own programming language, devised to make it easy for the enthusiastic trader to formulate, write and backtest their own strategies without complex code.

TradeStation Global: it’s the account and the analytics to let you trade a world of stockmarket opportunity. Call or mail us and we’ll show you how:

† For more details on how awards and ratings are assigned in each category, please click here